IMG_1641Near Unlimited Capability

Being a job shop, 100% of our products are customer specified. With a vast array of equipment, and many years of hands on experience, we have positioned ourselves to be able to handle a large breadth of products. Fabrication capabilities allow us to punch, form, weld, and sand most materials from .005” up to (some materials) .312” thick.  Fabricated metal products are typically made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass or copper.

Machining capabilities allow us to run prototypes through production on a wide variety of parts. We work with an exhaustive list of materials daily.  Some include aluminum, stainless, steel, alloy steels, cast metals, tungsten (WHA), plastics, phenolic, and many more. Machines range in capabilities from small, quick pallet changers for production needs, to large high RPM, High Horse Power machines to handle parts up to (but never limited to) 40” in length.

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